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Creekside Café and Grill

A getaway planned with a final destination in mind of Steamboat Springs, Colorado promises to be a refreshing and exciting journey to take. Between the rejuvenating mountain air, options for downhill fun, and hiking and biking adventures that await, Steamboat Springs is a place where travelers of all interests can find something that inspires. While the opportunities for outdoor recreation are vast, so are the options for enjoying a savory moment along the way. Steamboat Springs is home to a long lineup of restaurants and bars that are as mouthwatering as they are welcoming. Those visitors looking to fuel up in savory style before heading out will want to make sure Creekside Café and Grill is at the top of their list.

Capture the Flavors of the Mountains

Creekside Café Steamboat Springs is easily accessible at 131 11th Street and is known for it’s cozy and welcoming ambiance paired with a versatile menu of options to choose from. This eatery is open to the dining public daily between 7:00 am and 2:00 pm and happily serves up breakfast and lunch selections no matter when you drop by. Whether you have a day of skiing planned and need the energy to hit the slopes or are looking to sit back and enjoy a leisurely breakfast as the world wanders by, this is the place to do so. Arriving at Creekside Steamboat Springs Café and Grill, guests often appreciate the charming brick exterior crawling vines that fit in well with mountainous surroundings. When it’s time to dine, guests can pick and choose between comfortable tables indoors or a fresh air seat on the sprawling outdoor patio.

Menu Favorites to Discover at Creekside Cafe Steamboat Springs

Home-comfort and fresh ingredients are defining features of the Creekside Steamboat Springs Café and Grill menu no matter when you dine. Those that find themselves here in the morning hours will enjoy a collection of scrambled eggs, piled-high pancakes, and fresh fruit to choose from. If you’re dropping by in the afternoon, it’s hard to go wrong with the fresh-caught fare of the day. Of course, morning or afternoon ordering up a mouthwatering Bloody Mary is bound to please.

An Unforgettable Adventure

Steamboat Springs is a destination that’s made for all travelers, so what are you waiting for? Contact Elevated Properties today and book your stay to take your Colorado visit to the next level of excellence. We can’t wait to see you here!