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Sometimes winter has a way of sending travelers fleeing to warmer destinations and other times, it has them packing up their snow gear and heading to places where the downhill fun and thrills are promised. Those who have a heart for the great outdoors and can’t get enough of the snow will find plenty of both when they plan a winter adventure to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Known and loved for its incredible ski culture, Steamboat Springs is perhaps the ultimate winter destination when you have your sights set on mountain landscapes that come with options for outdoor fun. You’ll want to be sure to pack plenty of winter gear as average daily highs between December and February don’t reach much further than the upper 20s and lower 30s.

Of course, Steamboat Springs enjoys plenty of fresh powder that makes this a destination worth enjoying when you plan on getting out and exploring. It’s an oasis of potential for those that love winter recreation and when you’re looking for options to add to the itinerary, the following Steamboat winter activities are only a few of many available.

Visit the Steamboat Ski Resort

The heartbeat of the Steamboat winter ski scene originates with time spent at the Steamboat Ski Resort. This sprawling destination calls to downhill enthusiasts from across the globe each year looking for a breathtaking new challenge to enjoy. Of course, plenty of lessons are readily available at the Steamboat Ski Resort for those that are new to winter activities on two skis. Whether you’re looking forward to night skiing options, can’t wait to ride the lifts and enjoy sweeping views, or are looking forward to time in the chalet, Steamboat Ski Resort promises to be a highlight of your winter getaway.

Try Snowshoeing

The mountainous terrain that offers up spectacular summer hiking trails in Steamboat Springs is just as much worth enjoying in the winter months, particularly if you’ve strapped on a pair of snowshoes. This activity is fun for the entire family because it can be taken at your own pace and matched to varying skill levels. Photographers looking to catch some great angles on the landscape will find that snowshoeing provides them with the right pace and access to some one-of-a-kind moments on the trails as well. Snowshoeing is also a good solution for bird-watchers who are excited to observe the many species that hang around in colder temperatures in this area of Colorado.

Give Cross Country Skiing a Try

Hoping to pick up the pace on the outdoor fun without heading all the way downhill? Cross country skiing is a great option for travelers to Steamboat Springs that fall within this category. If you’ve brought your own gear and a sense of adventure, a maze of trails worth checking out are waiting for you. Those that are newer to the sport and are looking for lessons or simply require rental gear will find both available at the Haymaker Nordic Center. This is a great resource for those who are interested in backcountry skiing as well!

Spend Time Shopping

Getting out and about in the winter in Steamboat Springs is sure to delight, but inevitably, there will be moments when you’re ready to warm up. When this is the case, there’s no activity better than souvenir shopping for those friends or family members that are back home. Steamboat Springs is packed with places to explore unique and handcrafted goods. Whether you’re looking for that special item to commemorate your winter trip or need to find a gift for a friend, a stop at Steamboat Treasures & Tees is a good starting point. The Steamboat Trading Co. is another popular souvenir stop for visitors while the Steamboat Art Company puts creative flair on all of its items for purchase.

Enjoy a Hot Air Balloon Ride

The landscape that Steamboat Springs calls it’s own is always beautiful, but there’s something particularly alluring about the snow-covered peaks and valleys during the winter months. For a truly unique perspective on it all, give yourself the gift of a sky-high view by booking a hot air balloon ride with the team at Wild West Ballooning. Alongside a knowledgeable guide, you’ll be privy to breathtaking sights of the mountains and slopes from above over the course of around 45 minutes. With this company, guests enjoy a follow-up breakfast complete with a champagne toast to celebrate their adventure and reflect on the sights they saw.

Book a Steamboat Stay Today

When you’re ready to enjoy the best of Steamboat Springs in the winter or any other time of year, the property professionals at Elevated Properties have just the right vacation rental waiting for you. Enjoy comfort, luxury, and convenient locations near the slopes when you book with us. Contact our team today to learn more about our many property options in the area and to begin planning your next exciting Colorado-bound adventure!

Mention amazing mountain getaways and travelers from near and far will often have Steamboat Springs jump to mind. This scenic and exciting location nestled into the heart of the Yampa Valley is an amazing place for visitors and locals alike to make the most of the fresh powder and downhill fun in the winter months while savoring time on the hiking trails when warmer months roll around. Whether you’re one for fishing, biking, exploring, or simply settling in to admire an amazing view, Steamboat Springs has the beauty and in-town extras designed to delight. That being said, some of the most appealing features of Steamboat Springs were designed entirely by nature, and the history behind this location makes it intriguing for those with a heart for pursuing the past. When you’re in town and looking to learn more about the journey of Steamboat Springs from past to present, there are a few stops you just won’t want to miss out on and a few stories that bring it all to life on your next journey to Steamboat Springs.

A Dynamic Landscape – Journey to Steamboat Springs

Perhaps the most fundamental feature that makes Steamboat Springs a one-of-a-kind destination is the bubbling mineral springs that sit below the surface of the terrain. Long before settlers made their way to this locale, the Ute tribe called the area home and referred to the hot springs here as “Medicine Springs” based on the belief that the waters have wonderfully healing powers. The early 1800s saw an influx of explorers and trappers making their way through the area and legend states the three French trappers were convinced that the sound of the hot springs bubbling up out of the earth was a steamboat coming down the river. By 1870, it’s believed that the vast majority of those arriving in the area began referring to the region as Steamboat Springs.

Old Town Hot Springs

The hot springs that gave this destination its name and have ancient roots with the First Nation tribes that called Steamboat Springs home are still a highlight of a visit. Whether enjoyed for their potential healing powers or simply savored for the relaxing experience, a stop at Old Town Hot Springs today is as meaningful as it was to the people who first found their warmth and restorative properties satisfying. For over 100 years, the hot springs-fed pools have been open to the public in one form or another at this destination which can be accessed at 136 S. Lincoln Avenue. Today, visitors to Old Town Hot Springs can enjoy time in one or more of eight on-site pools. 220 gallons of natural spring water is pumped through the system a minute and the overflow system allows that same water to cascade into the various property pools to be enjoyed. Take time to indulge in these hot soaking pools and enjoy the fact that you’re taking part in an ancient tradition that might just be as good for the mind as it is for the body.

Howelsen Hill Ski Area

While the hot springs are a highlight of a visit this direction, those with a passion for downhill adventures will want to make sure to visit the Howelsen Hill Ski Area which comes with its own historical roots and stories in Steamboat Springs. In 1912, Carl Howelsen was credited with introducing the sport of skiing to the Steamboat Springs area—a move that would come to define this city well into the future. Steamboat Springs had earned its place as the county seat the year before and Howelsen’s introduction of skiing was a fantastic route to promoting outdoor recreation and tourism in the area. The introduction of this challenging and thrilling sport led to the development and designation of both Howelsen Hill and Storm Mountain and in 1914, Steamboat Springs enjoyed its first Winter Carnival, drawing in winter sports enthusiasts from near and far. Today, these areas are known as the Howelsen Ski Area and the Steamboat Ski Area respectively, but the enthusiasm for the downhill fun enjoyed at both hasn’t changed. In fact, Steamboat Springs was officially labeled Ski Town USA by the 1940s.

While Howelsen Hill was primarily used for jumping in the beginning, by the 1930s the ski area had fully developed downhill runs that made for even more mountainside fun. Today, a visit to the Howelsen Hill Ski Area provides options for jumps, downhill fun, snowboarding, and beyond that are sure to thrill and entertain the entire family during the course of a Steamboat Springs winter getaway.

Book Your Steamboat Stay Today

A sensational escape to Steamboat Spring is sure to inspire, so there’s no reason to wait when you’re ready to enjoy it for yourself! Contact Elevated Properties today to let us help you get settled into ideal mountain accommodations in the Edgemont and Bear Claw condominiums that bring the style and fun in equal measure. We can’t wait to welcome you to beautiful Steamboat Springs!