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When it comes to sensational mountain escapes, there’s something particularly appealing about Steamboat Springs as a destination. Whether you have a short weekend to enjoy in this area or an extended stay to look forward to, Steamboat Springs provides that wonderful balance of city-center fun and outdoor adventure that’s sure to please. Situated in northern Colorado in the heart of the Yampa Valley, Steamboat Springs plays host to some truly appealing natural Steamboat Springs attractions that draw in outdoor enthusiasts from near and far. While the mountains are an oasis of potential in the winter months when downhill fun is at its finest, as the snow melts away, Steamboat Springs reveals a variety of natural landmarks that are made by Mother Nature to experience and explore. If you’re the type of traveler that can’t wait to ditch the suitcase and get out into the great outdoors to make the most of every moment of your trip, the following natural area attractions are sure to thrill.

Old Town Hot Springs

One of the most intriguing natural attractions in the area is pointed to right in the city’s name. As legend has it, the geothermal springs that lay below the land were mistaken for the sound of steamboats by early settlers and explorers, providing the name Steamboat Springs which has stuck ever since. While these hot springs make for a wonderfully relaxing swim no matter what time of year you find yourself in Steamboat Springs, they are also very much linked to a long-held belief that the waters contain healing properties of many types. Old Town Hot Springs is a popular destination amongst visitors and while the amenities may be modern, the waters that are pumped up through the several on-site pools are very much exclusive to the earth itself. Whether you spend time in the swimming or soaking pools at Old Town Hot Springs, you’ll be part of a tradition spanning centuries.

Fish Creek Falls

One of the most impressive natural sights that Steamboat Springs is proud to call its own is an area known as Fish Creek Falls. Not far from downtown Steamboat, these falls are fed from clear Alpine waters that cascade down Fish Creek Canyon. Spilling over a 280-foot drop, it’s not hard to see or hear why Fish Creek Falls draws visitors in droves year after year. A relatively easy quarter-mile path leads to the lower viewing area of the falls while a more moderately difficult pathway leads through the Routt National Forest and offers the upper falls vantage point that many visitors crave. Climbers and hikers flock to this cascade in the name of putting their outdoor adventuring skills to the test while those looking for a more tranquil experience will find it’s a perfect place to practice photography, enjoy wildlife spotting, bird watching, and even observing wildflowers during the summer months.


Yampa River Botanic Park

Sitting at 1000 Pamela Lane, the Yampa River Botanic Park is meticulously maintained but continues to be an ideal example of the flowers and plants that thrive within the parameters of Steamboat Spring’s terrain. Open dawn to dusk, the Yampa River Botanic park includes access to a combination of gardens and wildflower areas that are perfect for comparing and contrasting colors, growth rates, and natural designs throughout the year. Trees, plants, shrubs, and birds native to the Yampa River Basin have been thriving in this botanic park since it first opened to the public in 1995. Towering trees surround area ponds dotted with lily pads in the summer while fall finds the park teeming with bees and butterflies. Whether you’re here to look, learn or do a bit of both, it’s a space of natural beauty well worth a visit.

Sarvis Creek Wilderness

Situated south of Steamboat Springs, the Sarvis Creek Wilderness is nestled into the very heart of the Routt National Forest and was designated as protected land in 1993. Today, the wilderness area spans more than 44,000 acres of land and is managed by the Forest Service. Named for the logging company that once worked the land in this area, the Sarvis Creek Wilderness is comprised of meadows, forest, and rock islands throughout. The lush tree cover this area provides makes it a haven for wildlife such as deer, mountain lions, elk, and black bears. Creeks and streams maze through the Sarvis Creek Wilderness and in total, the area hosts 20 miles of hiking trails waiting to be explored.

Your Steamboat Springs Attractions Adventure Awaits

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